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Sexual Responses

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BIOL 110
Gordon Dueck

 impedes his/her natural sexual responses  There are also directionality problems to this theory o Historical Causes  Religious orthodoxy: some conservative religious upbringing styles look suspiciously at sexuality for the sake of pleasure, particularly outside marriage. Many of the patients had negative sexuality as a consequence  Psychosexual trauma: traced to rape or other degrading encounters  Homosexual inclination: sexual enjoyment is understandably less if a person with homosexual inclination tries to engage in heterosexual sex  Inadequate counselling: comments made by professionals that are incorrect and destructive  Excessive intake of alcohol will cause erectile problems  Biological causes  Sociocultural factors: expectations and concerns differ between women and men as a function of social class (men have the demand of society to take the initiative) Other Contemporary views  Sex therapists began to see people whose relationships were seriously impaired  Causing sexual and interpersonal problems  Negative thoughts and emotions can intrude into sexual situation and inhibit arousal and pleasure  Secondary gain – when there is occasional sabotaging  Poor communication also contributes Therapies for Sexual Dysfunction  Sexual value system: ideas of each partner about what was acceptable and needed in a sexual relationship; sometimes the sexual value system of one or both partner had to changed before sexual functioning could improve  The couple is asked to slowly begin touching each other and taking turns at it Anxiety Reduction  Gradual and systematic exposure to anxiety-provoking aspects of the sexual situation Directed Masturbation  Women with orgasmic disorder frequently lack knowledge of their own sexual anatomy  So, the women step by step goes from examining her nude body to masturbation then to her partner  Direct masturbation appears to add significantly to the effectiveness of treatment of orgasmic disorder Procedures to Change Attitudes and Thoughts  Sensory awareness: clients a
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