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Follicle Development/Ovarian Cycle

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BIOL 201
Elaine Power

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Follicle Development/Ovarian Cycle Follicular stage [days1-13]  Anterior pituitary gland is secreting follicle-stimulating hormone FSH  FSH travels in bloodstream to ovary  Stimulates development (division) of follicle cells surrounding oocyte  Developing follicle cells secrete oestrogen  Stimulates proliferation of endometrium and its blood supply  Inhibits further secretion of FSH by negative feedback  Stimulates anterior pituitary gland to secrete luteinising hormone LH  LH brings about ovulation Ovulation [day14] // Mature ovarian follicle ≈15mm in diameter  Mature ovarian follicle bursts and releases secondary oocyte (now called ovum!)  Corpus luteum forms from remaining follicle cells in ovary  Ovum passes down fallopian tube/oviduct towards uterus; fertilization now possible o Happens once a month, menstrual cycle ≈28days o Each ovary alternatively releases an ovum every ≈56days (→56/2) Luteal phase [days15-28]  Corpus luteum secretes sex hormones  Progesterone continues to stimulate o Profileration of endometrium and its blood supply o Development of nutrient fluid glands in uterus lining  High levels of sex hormones inhibit secretion of LSH and LH IF FERTILISATION DOES NOT OCCUR  Corpus luteum degenerates \ levels of sex hormones fall  Uterus lining breaks down; FSH is not inhibited anymore → cycle starts again Uterine Cycle  Menstruation [days1-5] → Endometrium breaks down o Low levels of female sex hormones causes  uterus lining/endometrium to disintegrate  its b
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