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BIOL 201
Elaine Power

Lifecycle  Infection of Human o Infected female mosquitoes are feeding human blood o Secretes salvia which contains anticoagulants (anti blood-clotting agents) o Sporozoites (young malarial parasites) in the salvia enter blood  Latent Period o Parasites migrate to liver cells / undergo asexual reproduction / develop into merozoites o Merozoites infect red blood cells / undergo asexual reproduction / produce more merozoites  Outbreak o Merozoites burst out of red blood cells to infect more cells o This outburst is associated with bouts of fever o Some merozoites develop into gametocytes  Infection of Female Mosquitos o Gametocytes are taken up by female mosquitos that feed on the infected person's blood o Inside the female mosquito, gametes produced by those gametocytes fuse (sexual reproduction phase) o Results in zygotes which develop into sporozoites o Sporozoites move into the salivary glands of the female mosquito where they can be injected into another person  Cycle starts again Schistosoma (endoparasite)  Name of a genus of parasitic flatworms; causes the disease Bilharzia in humans  Two hosts for lifecycle: fresh water snails (vector) and humans  Penetrate the skin via enzymes damaging the host cell membrane  Invades blood vessels, veins of the bladder region, abdomen and pelvis
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