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Allopatric Speciation

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BIOL 202
Rob Beamish

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Allopatric Speciation:  Geographically separated sister species reproduce in isolation.  Natural and man-made barriers may arise rapidly.  For example: a population may be divided if a river breaks it's banks and takes a new route, or a new road may separate a population.  Many generations may elapse.  Sister species are now so different - no interbreeding is possible. Sympatric Speciation:  Genetic variation occurring in same geographical location.  Reproductive isolation due to: o Temporal mechanisms o Behavioural mechanisms o Polyploidy  Temporal (time) mechanisms may occur when two very closely related species occupy the same habitat, differing only in the time of year that they complete their life cycles.  Reproductive isolation may develop within the population so that some members produce gametes at distinctly different times of the year from others.  Thus, two distinctive gene pools start to evolve.  Behavioural mechanisms results when members of a population acquire distinctive behaviour routines in their growth and development, courtship or mating process that are not matched by all individuals of the same species.  F
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