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Lecture 1

BIOL 202 Lecture 1: BIOL202Wk1Lec1

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BIOL 202
William Nelson

January 6 , 2015 BIOL 202 First 6 weeks: Invertebrates (Nelson) Second 6 weeks: Vertebrates (Ratcliffe) Laboratory Practicum- Invertebrates and Vertebrates (Barb) Jan. 23 - QUIZ (10%) in class Feb. 12 - MIDTERM (20%) in class April- FINAL EXAM (30%) 40% Lab Material Lab quizzes (10%) Lab Activities (14%) Lab dissections (8%) Vertebrates Labs: There will be a bell ringer at the end Invertebrates Labs: Identifying, how well you can do the dissection, how well you can teach your peers Textbooks: Zooology- Miller and Harley, 8 or 9 ed. GET THIS A Photographic Atlas- Van der Graaff, 5 ed. FOR LABS, NOT REQUIRED. Has diagrams of dissections Online lab manual They will post practice exams Study the practice questions Lecture 1: Discovering new species and new functions Example: The Yeti Crab Furry crab example discovered near hydrothermal vents at bottom of ocean. Is carnivore, but can eat bacteria, etc. Is blind, no pigments in eyes. The fur harbors, cultures filamentous bacteria in the spaces between it. But what’s the benefit? Theory: Food supply. Or: Using up disulfide (?), detoxifying the environment. Invertebrates are abundant ~1.2-1.7 million species have been catalogued Estimated that there are ~8.7 million s
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