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BIOL 205
Ian D Chin- Sang

BIOL205:week 7, lecture 19 A303 bp ORF (open reading frame) has the potential to encode_______amino acids in a row. a. 10 b. 30 c. 100 d. 303 e. 900 → last one is a stop codon This molecule represents a) Aprotein b)An amino acid always have amino and carboxyl end c) Afatty acid d) Nucleotide What amino acid is this? a) Alanine b) Glycine c) Arginine d) Methionine e) Cysteine → only two amino acids that have S (methionine:AUG) and cysteine → cysteine Disulfide Bonds • two cysteines in close proximity will form a covalent bond • disulfide bond, disulfide bridge, or dicysteine bond • significantly stabilizes tertiary • hair is 10-14% cysteine Basic amino acids • histones predominantly lysine and histindine histidine lysine arginine • at neutral pH these amino acids are positively charges Why is the Y chromosome so small? a. Because it has very few genes b. Because it has no pairing partner - recombinations takes place between chromosomes so that if a piece of DNAis lost, it can pair w/ its partner and fill the gap - however over time, the Y chromosome lost its genes and had no partner to fill in the gap c. Because it is dominated by X d. Only part of it is passed on by the father e.All of the above The history and diffusion of biotechnology across the economy • first wave: generating molecules involved in testing ◦ ex: PCR DNAamplifying technologies • then spilled over into agriculture and food (second wave) ◦ make drought resistant, disease resistant, etc. → controversy b/c when seeds move to other fields, plants hard to get rid of • third wave: industrial bioproducts ◦ through 90s manufactured products very popular (chemicals, plastics, lubricants) MOVING TOWARDS A BIOBASED ECONOMY Back to the Future … Strategic international importance • Biotechnology for Clean Industrial Products and Processes • (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, 1998) • TheApplication of Biotechnology to Industrial Sustainability (2001) • OECD Policy Guidance Document for the Biobased Economy (2005) Biotech Risk Issues in the Media... Lead to lack of public trust • genetically modified food & feed crops, meat and fish • plant molecular farming (‘pharming’drugs in crops) ◦ take recombinant DNAthat makes a particular drug and have it produced w/in a plant ◦ purify the protein and use for therapy ◦ people tend to like technology,
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