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Lecture 2

week 2 lecture 1

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Queen's University
BIOL 205
Ian D Chin- Sang

NurtureNature Debatequeen bees vs worker bees foodidentical twins have identical genomes but if they are raised dierently one unhealthy and healthyyour genome and environment interact each gene should be looked at individually when you express the eyeless gene it must be done in the developmental time window to workrandom events in development lead to variation in phenotype called developmental noise we cant have an identical environmentnot all mutations are equalmutations that alter the function of the protein such that it silences it or changes it to make it weekvariantat the sequence level if its changed its known as a mutationPKUnull allele in the gene that encodes liver enzyme phenylalaine hdroxylasehomozygous pp cannot convert phenylalaninecan we come up with a treatmentcurrent recommendation low phenylalanine diet liver transplant bc liver enzyme you only need the correct gene in the tissues where it is functioning gene therapybabies born with phenylalanine hydroxyls PAH are not prisoners of their DNA changing their diet leads to less phenylpyruvic ac
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