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week 1 lecture 2

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BIOL 205
Ian D Chin- Sang

Scientic Method 1observation2 hypothesismust be testable 3 experimentation to test hypothesis4 analyze resultsaccept or reject the hypothesis mutant eyeless is in eyeless null gene null allele is complete loss of functiondeleted from genome eyeless gene is needed for eye formation bc it is named after the mutant phenotypepax6 eyeless is essential for eye development hypothesisectopic eye production from the eyeless geneevery cell has the eyeless gene but not every cell is turning this gene onectopic eyes are made from the production of inappropriately expressing the eyeless genethe eyeless gene has a promoter to build eyes in eye tissuemaster regulatorpax 6 has a transcription regulator turns on 100 genes at the right time and locationCells function like a rube goldberg machine genetic variation in corn kernelsthe fertilized egg contains info that specied the sequence of developmental instructions to make an organismgenetic info passage must have 4 properties1 diversity of structure2 ability to replicate
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