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BIOL 210
Adam K Chippindale

2420 biosciWhy is sex a problemSex is the queen of problems in evolutionary biology Perhaps no other natural phenomenon has aroused so much interest certainly none has sowed as much confusionGraham Bell sex increases diversityWisemanThe Masterpiece of Nature but realize that evolution doesnt occur for the good of population but evolution occurs as competition between individuals selfish geneAn Evolutionary Scandal John Maynard Smith 6 January 192019 April 2004There is a kind of crisis at hand in evolutionary biology George C WilliamsMay 12 1926September 8 2010Since 1880 evolutionists have argued over the selective advantage of sexual reproduction So far no clearcut winners have emerged from this controversyErnst Mayr July 5 1904 February 3 2005To do justice to all the theories would take a bookit has already taken several Yet no definitive verdict has emerged Richard Dawkins 26 March 1941 The 2fold cost of malessexall else being equal making males means that 50 of your offspring are dependent on females for the provisioning of gametes making males reduces the rate of increase of a population by half a sexual female also halves her genetic contribution to the next generation by 50The geneseye view of the cost of malesPop of grandaughters 4x more fit
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