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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 (Tutorial 1) Jan 21.docx

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BIOL 303
Paul Grogan

st Winter Ecology – Jan 21 . 2014. BIOL 303 This is a tutorial session in which I intend that we (together) will address the following questions. A PDF with some supporting images and data will be circulated afterwards. Why is it worth knowing something about winter ecology? - Climate change - Species range distributions - Living in Canada there is a lot of winter What is meant by ‘winter’? - Considered the dormant period - But now its seen that there is a lot of nutrient and carbon cycling going on here. What are the stresses that winter imposes on organisms? SNOW - the more snow there is the more insulation there is. 10” snow = 4” glass fibre wool - this has to do with how much air is trapped in there. So as it becomes more packed the worse it is at insulating - vapour pressure Base of snow pack can hold quite a lot of water vapour, warm, and through sublimation the water can go from ice  vapour. Therefore the air filled spaces can be saturated with water vapour. As you go up the pack of snow the ability to hold water vapour is less. This creates a gradient and net movement of water vapour towards the top of the snow pack.  Because the water vapour is moving up we get Depth Hoar  As it moves up it condenses, so the bottom crystals are large and growing through this process, creating space down there. This takes time COLD - Homeotherms need to maintain body temperature. - Other animals need to make sure they do now form ice in their cells. The membrane could be ruptured with formation of ice. o So what they do is increase the solute concentration (glucose, glycerol etc.). This lowers the freezing
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