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Lecture 21

BIOL 316 Lecture 21: BIOL 316 WEEK 7 NOTES

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BIOL 316
Bruce Tufts

BIOL 316 Week 7 Notes Lecture 1: Fisheries Science and Management: Fisheries Science: • Fisheries science is different from management o Multidisciplinary and involves the subject of how fish populations respond to harvest ▪ Topics include: Animal behaviour, ecology, population dynamics • Provides results that inform management Management: Implementation of policies to meet objectives of stakeholders Flow chart of relations Applied Biology Fisheries Science Fisheries Management Minister Regulation Outcome Types of Fisheries: 1. Commercial Fisheries: Mostly marine fish involvement 2. Recreational Fisheries: Effected by inland Fisheries 3. Artisanal/ subsistence Fisheries: Mostly common in other countries (outside of America), small scale 4. Native Fisheries: Native populations and how they use cultural techniques Fisheries: • Is defined by both the species of fish and Fishers that participate in fishing action o Anyone using the resource falls under this category How is Fisheries divided? • Need to know size, logistics, and data on fish populations o Involves both Marine (Ocean) and Fresh water (inland) fish Inland: Fisheries science and management • Natives used this resource before European settlers o Native population have little to no impact on Fisheries and population o European settlers = Exploited Fisheries resource because of abundance • 1800-1900’s = Mass harvest of Fisheries, dramatic loss in fish population Techniques in Fisheries: • Canning Technology: Increased yield and preservation of catch – use of preservatives • Industrial age + deforestation: Destruction of habitats, reduction of diversity o First sign of hatcheries to rehabilitate fish populations • Non-game/ commercial Fisheries: ‘Trash fish’, replaced or removed for more desirable fish species • Building of dams: Construction on major rivers resulted in t
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