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Lecture 27

BIOL 316 Lecture 27: BIOL 316 WEEK 9 NOTES

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Queen's University
BIOL 316
Bruce Tufts

BIOL 316 Week 9 Notes Lecture 1: Fisheries Assessment: • Simple method: Count the number of fish in Fisheries o Includes number of Fishers (Input and Output) • Insight on how many fish can be harvested for sustainability Two Categories: Issue Approach 1. Number in population 1. Assessment 2. Number of harvest for 2. Surplus production models sustainability 3. Management options 3. How to achieve target land harvest Figure 1. Range of harvest through the years. Done through assessment methodologies. How do we assess the amount of fish being harvested? 1. Count Fish 2. Ask Fishers (Commercial and recreational) 3. Analyze Harvest data Types of assessment of Fish populations 1. Fishery-Independent methods a. Index netting programs – assessment of relative abundance of fish populations i. Method is separate from Fishery b. Government agency use c. Fishers input not needed to determine status of population Gear Types in Fishery-Independent Methods: Passive Active • Gear is fixed (static) • Gear is mobile • Fish movement enables capture • ‘Chase fish’ to capture • Weir (Fish way Station) • Electrofishing • Gillnets • Seine nets • Live traps • Hydroacoustics • Minnow traps • Trawls 2. Fishery-Dependent methods a. Assessment of fish population abundance on fishery i. Creel survey ii. Commercial catches b. Commercial and recreational fisheries are different in behaviour Gear Types in Fishery-Dependent Methods: Recreational Fishery Commercial Fishery • Roving Creel • Harvest Reporting • Access Creel • Onboard Observations • Mail/ Phone Survey • Angler Diaries • Tournaments • Aerial Counts 3. Index Methods a. Standardized methods to compare relative abundance: i. Between populations ii. Over time iii. Between survey methods • Both methods require catchability to r
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