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Lecture 36

BIOL 316 Lecture 36: BIOL 316 WEEK 12 NOTES

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BIOL 316
Bruce Tufts

BIOL 316 Week 12 Notes Lecture 1: Recreational Fisheries:  Choice in keeping or releasing fish  Like commercial Fisheries o Want to establish a sustainable harvest  Changes in habitat, remote location, gears, human activity (Anglers) o Stocking of fish exists  Used to enhance population and introduce new species  Popular for sport fishing  1900’s, heavy angler population drove an overall decline in fish populations o 1980’s, catch and release practice became popular  New management, promoted sustainability Bycatch:  Trawly net o Net comes up and are counted o Catch would include fish that we did not want  Decreases survivability of juveniles and adult fish caught  Foundation of sustainability -> catch and release and selective harvest o Currently, focus on sustainable resource  Many recreational Fisheries is sustainable o Unsustainable = not directly linked to recreational fisheries  Angler effect conservation and ecosystem o Influence many aspects of Fisheries industry  Cycle of money goes in to help Fisheries o Class program for Fisheries  Promote Fisheries knowledge and early exposure to field Lecture 2: Commercial Fisheries:  Regulation on number of harvest per season  Aquaculture should be built away from wild population o Helps p
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