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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Tools for Communication and Music/Plants as Fuels.pdf

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BIOL 319
Dale Kristensen

Lecture 81 Material Culture Tools for Communication and Music Lesson ObjectivesDescribe the importance of communication and music to TI culturesProvide examples of how plant materials are used in the construction of implements for communication and musicProvide examples of design convergence and divergence in the tools used for communication and music among various TI cultures from around the worldmusical instruments have been used from times before humans evolvedcould be as simple as banging a stick to communicate things like this is my territory stay out as humans evolved and became more complex so did the noises and instruments usedmusic Communication tools could be considered essential for survival ie drums to signal attack Polynesian using songs to pass along informationMusic can be used by shamans to guide healing spirits Music acts to bond families tribes culturesA brief primer on the characteristics of woodXylem tissue contains tracheids and vessels
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