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Week 9 Transportation and Tribal Combat

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Queen's University
BIOL 319
Dale Kristensen

Lesson 91 Material Culture TransportationObjectivesIdentify the main factors inuencing the design and function of crafts and devices used for transportation by indigenous peoplesDescribe the types and function of devices used for land transportation by indigenous peoplesDescribe how plant materials are used in the construction of transportation devices by indigenous peoplesAbility to transport peoplegoodsrequirement for any societyAllows for exploration and exploitation of sometimes new resources emigration instigation of or escape from war and trade with neighbouring communities Water craftsgreat examples Why TransportationIncrease efciency of movement of goodpeople 1 Long distance movement of goods and materialsMovement of greater amounts of goods and materials to and from remote locations Access to new sources of materials Can lead to new resourceseither by huntingshing or trade 2 Long distance movement of people Migration permanent establishing new settlements or seasonal ie summer vs winter hunting grounds Communication politicalfamilial contactTribal warfare ExplorationCuriosity Ie early polynesians traveled in catamarans and allowed them to colonize hundreds of islands around Papa New Guinea and Vanuatu also birch bark canoes were used by Aboriginal people for explorationFactors Controlling the Design of Transportation DevicesMany things inuence the design depending on the purpose of the craft Use trade war huntingshingLand vs water and subsequently types of terrainwater being navigated Seasonal conditions snow vs soil seasonal storms on oceanIntended load inuences size of craftPower source wind animal vs personinuences design Material available and skill of people Use of plant material was common for indigenous peoplesOther elements which inuence design Speed vs stabilityBeauty vs fear invoking
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