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lesson 10 Plants that Heal, and A Modern Perspective on the Medical Properties of Plants.pdf

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Queen's University
BIOL 319
Dale Kristensen

Lesson 101 Plants that HealObjectivesCompare and contrast perspectives on health care among Western societies with that of traditionalindigenous culturesDescribe how shamans and healers are chosen and how they select and use plants for healingDiscuss why there are often differences in assessing the medical value of a given plant between pharmacologists and traditional healersInterest in healing properties of plantsmost important to Western societyboth interest in healing diseases AND massive economical prot involved in pharmaceuticals Traditional healing practices also tend to consider an individuals emotional and spiritual well being not just mental and physical like the Western approachsometimes treatment plans would involve not only a drug to take but certain ritual to follow sometimes dt attempting to ward off evil spirits or attract good onesPlantsused in healing practices in all societiesvast knowledge of plants was very important to physicians Important to explore indigenous knowledge of plants to come up with more disease curesImportant to rst consider fundamental assumptions which underly Western approaches to medicine to determine similarities and differences to indigenous approaches Western Perspectives on Health Care Cultural views on medicine largely develop in relation to the amount of responsibility which is assumed by the individual for their own health vs the responsibility of physicianshaman Many people in Western societies put considerable owness on the medical facilitiesprofessionals for their health rather than on themselves ie smoking becoming obese dt poor diet and lack of exercise even though it is common knowledge that these are not healthy Differences between Westernindigenous health approaches For traditionalindigenous cultures that lack access to Western health care or consider it ineffectual a more pragmatic approach is taken based on 2 predominant perspectives1 physical health is intimately intertwined with psychological and spiritual health a sick individual therefore needs to be treated in all these aspects2 in order for an individuals to maintain their overall wellbeing they must follow certain lifestyle rules that serve to ward off illness and injury Ie the Bishnoi people of India who live dry aired environment follow a strict schedule which revolves around the menses cycle of womenWith the beginning of menstruation women must set aside daily activities for an enforced period of rest and their social interactions are limited to only women and childrenBecause this society has only limited access to drinking water and eat a vegetarian diet these rules limit excessive bleeding and maintain good health
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