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BIOL 330
Sharon Regan

330- Friday nov 9 , 2012- guest speaker - How are biopharmaceutical recombinant proteins made? o E.coli- insulin- no translational modification o Yeast- (euk) GM-CSF for bone marrow transplantation, Hirudin for anticoagulation)- hyperglycosylation o Mammalian cells- CHO cells- EPO, interferons, antibodies, etc... – expensive to produce o Transgenic plants- - Recombinant proteins in plants o Plants can process a wide variety of proteins o Free from human pathogens o Renewable source of proteins, easy to scale-up o Low cost and require limited facilities - FDA approval of first plant-made pharmaceutical- May 2 - 12:00 - Inflammatory bowel disease o Not known cause o Lesions can start from mouth to all the way down digestive tract o IL-10 protein will cause reversal of inflammation - Plant-made IL-10 is biologically active in a murine cell assay o Cells stimulated with IL-10. o By increasing IL-10 (x-axis), you get decrease in IL-6 (y axis) - Plants expressing IL10 can alleviate symptoms in a mouse model of IBD o IL10 -/- mice were fed 20% or 30% tobacco expressing IL-10 for 30 days, with ranitidine in drinking water o Global scores for ulcers, loss of crypts, infiltration and lymphoid follicles o With the C47 Black 6 mouse... we were able to alleviate the symptoms with trament of IL-10 o Not to eliminate with the C3H with IL10 in these mouses, so not as effective. It would have had been better if able to feed them more but they couldn’t - Limitations of protein production in stable transfenic plants o Speed of production  Transformationa nd regeneration of a pop (40-100)  Screening and selection of high expression  Process takes 6 months to 1 year o Accumulation levels  Low levels most of the time o 18:00 Purification from plant extracts  Colum chromatography is the most expensive step in plant-made protein production - Transient expression by Agro-infiltration o
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