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PhytochromeLight as informationWhat is the quality of light Is there enough light to germinateNot directly to do with energy because lots of seeds detect light Proteins with a moitymolecular structure that can detect specific quality of light Wavelength Light is lifeRed light signifies qualityIf there is too much far red it can drive photosynthesisPoor quality FAR RED devotes energy to stem growth to grow above canopy and get better quality light Shade lovers like far red but sun lovers like high energy red lightPost germination o Extend the hypocotyl o Hasnt triggered photomorphogenesis o Looking for quality light to trigger chloropyll ect for calvin cycle o Geminating in the red light activate photomorphogenesis quickly o If they dont get a light signal they will elongate Phytocrhomes GerminationflowerphotomorphogenesisLight is a signal to drive these thingsIf there is no light around it is a waste of resourceBetter off to elongate Critical light receptrsPR and PfrPfr active formfr describes the wavelength of light it is capable of detectingpFr detects and vice versa
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