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Abiotic stressesCold shock vs Cold acclimationPlants need several days of cold temperatures to acclimate ie4 degrees for at least 1 dayA quick cold shock injures plant may provide lethal to plantEven conifers need time to acclimateSudden frost can be catastrophic whereas plants that have been exposed over time get acclimated Types of damage Membrane damage o Affect the fluidity affect ability to control what goes in and outIce crystal rupture of protoplasts organelles o Plants restrict ice to apoplast between cells Osmolyte and water lossProtein denaturation o Or protein stability o Proteins need flexibility low temperatures makes them stiff and can compromise their function o A lot of organisms adapted to artic waters and thermal vents have structural differences that reflect rigidly Dehydrationo Freezingdrought o Draw water out of the cell by freezingMembrane damageSemifluid bilayer makes membrane more rigidSaturated fatty acids solidity into semicrystalline state above 0 degrees C in chill sensitive plants below 0 degrees in chillresistant plantsFluidity loss disrupts normal membrane function o Transporters channelsMembranes become leaky can lead to loss of osmoloytesMembrane protein function impaired
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