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BIOL 350
Lonnie William Aarssen

Chapter 1 Where are we nowCan be answered on two levelshomo sapiens as a species a drop in the bucket 30 mill species for a snapshot of timewe are just one species among millions that have evolved over time and that happen to occur today in one snapshot of time999 of all species that have ever existed are now extinct24hr clock 35 bill yers humans have only very recently existed in the last 75 seconds 3 mill yrswell being and state of our civilization defining wellbeing Globalreport extent to which indv have ability to live kinds of lives they have reason to value shaped bygood health material needs safety and security good social relations Wellbeing requires ecosystem servicesplants soil formation food clean water pollination from food control flooding clean air etcThe current state of civilizationpoliticians big businesses most scientists media say that everything is under controlassessed in terms of the problems ofinputs and the problem of outputsnatural resources sourcesresource usematerials and fuel
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