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Lonnie William Aarssen

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Bio 350 Lecture 1  Over the past 1000s of years species have followed 3 population growth patterns..that is every species except one: homo sapiens  We have been immune to global carrying capacity since the project of civilization started o But the party...will soon be over  To arrive at where we want to be, we need to take full account of where we came from and of what we are. (Evolution and the Big Questions by David N. Stamos) o Everyone has genes inherited from ancestors, only relatively few people left decendents o We are consequences of this genetic legacy  Where are we now?  Look @ present state to see: How did we get here? o What is the role of our species in reaching the present state of civilization  Understanding human affairs: How does evolutionary history explain human affairs, cultural norms: goals, achievements we have and aim for  Where are we headed?   how genetic legacy affects our bheaviour  Everything that affects our mind, affects our behaviour  We humans are creatures who spend our whole lives trying to convince ourselves that our existences is not absurd ~ Albert Camus  Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? (Gaugin) Domains of Understanding  Religion all of life can be completely understood only by linking itin some way toa hgiehr spirit
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