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Biology 350 Lecture 2.pdf

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BIOL 350
Lonnie William Aarssen

Online discussion participation • post by October 22 • 1 discussion and 3 responses • 10% POSTER ASSIGNMENT • 20% • do workshop WHERE ARE WE NOW? • References=key sources for lecture info • millennium ecosystem assessment HUMANS • only been around for a limited time • what do we want from our civilization • well-being wanted in our lives • want to feel wanted • limiting factors threatening well-being o extent individs are able to live the kinds of lives that are valued § examples: health, material needs, security, safe environ, effective social relations (need other individs to feel a certain way) • WHY ARE THESE THINGS IMPORTANT o Rare required for us to do things that we depend on o want things from all diff habitats for all the diff services WHAT DO POLITICIANS SAY • Have to say things are optimistic and that we will be fine BUISNESSES • Invest in the stock market –fixable economy SCIENTIST • No worries –will find technology to fix problems MEDIA • Bringing stories that we want to hear NATURAL RESOURCES • Used and tied up • result in pro
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