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31 Oct 2017

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Insects that feed on plants have salivary amylase: to break down starches, also to lu(cid:271)(cid:396)i(cid:272)ate food the(cid:455)"(cid:396)e eati(cid:374)g, tsetse flies, cause sleeping sickness (infected with plasmodium) in africa. If aminopeptidase hydrolyzes aa, it will hydrolyze first aa off of the left end, then if left long enough, it will hydrolyze them all into aas: pepsin requires low ph to work. Answer: permeases move the rest of things (sodium ions, permeases, fa(cid:272)ilitated diffusio(cid:374) does(cid:374)"t take any (direct?) energy, down concentration gradient, still needs permeases, fructose uses facilitated diffusion to enter intestine cell, co-transport/secondary active transport. Cell membrane: these stop cell division, tumor cells contain these drugs and they will pump the drugs out so that they cannot stop the cell from dividing, can eventually develop a resistance to these drugs. If mutation causes this not to work, you cannot metabolize fats and build up bile: mdrs are also by the bsep and will pump out drugs at liver because liver detoxifies.