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Molecular Compounds

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CHEM 212
Elaine Power

Molecular CompoundsA molecular compound is made up of discrete units called molecules which typically consist of a small number of nonmetal atoms held together by covalent bondsMolecular compounds are represented by chemical formulas symbolic representations that at minimum indicate the elements present and the relative number of atoms of each elementThe 2 elements ExampleHO2Two H Lack of subscript means 1 atoms of O per atoms per moleculeEmpirical FormulaThe empirical formula is the simplest formula for a compound where its subscripts are reduced to their simplest whole number ratios Generally the empirical formula does not tell one a significant about of information about a given compound Acetic acid CHO and glucose CHO both have the empirical formula CHO24261262Molecular FormulaThe molecular formula is based on an actual molecule of a compound In some cases the empirical and molecular formulas are identical such as formaldehyde CH2O In other cases the molecular formula is a multiple of the empirical formula Both the empirical and molecular formulas provide information on the combining rations of the atoms in the compounds however they show nothing on how the atoms are attached relative to each other Structural FormulaThe structural formula shows the order in which atoms are bonded together in a molecule and by what types of bondsFor example acetic acidHOHCCOHHThe covalent bonds in the structural formula are represented by lines or dashes and a double bond is represented by a double dash
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