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Diane Beauchemin

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General Steps in a Chemical Analysis1 Identify question to be addressed by analysis rarely just a number2 Select analysis procedure experience literature regulations etc3 Collect samples usually several replicates of multiple samples4 From each sample take replicate homogenous lab samples5 Lab sample preparationdigestion or extractionseparation andor preconcentration6 Analysis7 Assemble results into a report8 Interpretation and conclusions considering step 1Analysis of unknown is meaningless unless you have collected the same properly taken measures to ensure the reliability of the analytical method and communicated your results clearly and completelyMocked soil sampling experimentsummary of conceptseffect of sampling size and replicationqalitative analysisquantitative analysissample pretreatmentprecision and accuracydetection modesdetection limiterrors in analytical measurementsoilmixture of smarties and reeces piecesyelloworangesoil matrixbrownFegreenPCBvery toxicbluePbpurpleAsarsenic inorganictoxic depending on form organictoxicpinkHgreddioxinmost toxic of all assume all components have an equal molecular weight and are detected with same sensitivityTypes of Analysesqualitative analysis identify components from their coloursquantitative analysis counts the various colourssemiquantitative analysis get a rough estimate of concentrations inbetween
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