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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Workings of the Theatre - Masks and the structure of the theatre itself helped amplify the voice of actors - Machines helped move actors on and off stage - Chorus in front of stage - Roof of skene can also be used for performance Satyr Play - Chorus made up of satyrs (mythological creatures with animal characteristics) who belong to Dionysos - Cyclops by Euripides the only satyr play preserved Komoidia (lit. komos-singing) = Comedy - Komos = drunken ritualistic procession - Origins in Dorian Sicilian farce? Attike? - Old Comedy  450-380 BCE - Middle Comedy  380-320 BCE - New Comedy  after 320 BCE - 486 BCE first comedy at Dionysia - 445 BCE first comedy at Lenaia - Few comedies preserved, except for Aristophanes - Almost nothing from middle comedy Old Comedy - Magnes - Kratinos (fl. C. 450-420 BCE), Flask - Krates - Eupolis (c. 449-412 BCE) - Competition between playwrights - Real life
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