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November 5, 2012- Athenian Empire.docx

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CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Athenian Empire Persian Wars  490 BCE Battle of Marathon  480 BCE Battle of Salamis  479 BCE Battle of Plataea  Persians were defeated and the Greeks could have relief, but they were aware of the fact that the Persians were still a menace.  Delian League 478/7 BCE was established in order to contrast the Persian’s power  Phoros cash tribute (lit. burden); this had to be paid yearly by each ally  Athens was the leader of this league as it had an important fleet o Sparta had internal problems that prevented it from leading, as well as no important fleet  Their power rested in their land  Athens also had the possibility to fight against pirates due to its fleets  Being the leader allowed Athens to have control over the treasury of the league  In 454 the treasury was moved to Athens  Kleroukhoi cleruchs o They did not lose the right to vote or any of their rights; they were like Athenians expect they lived abroad  Apoikoi colonists o Did not have any political rights in Athens  Not all the allies were always happy with Athens’ behaviour, which led to several revolts and dissatisfaction  A
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