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November 19, 2012- Customs and Philosophers.docx

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Classical Studies
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CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

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 Nomos custom, law, culture  Phusis nature  People used to eat their relatives, but were convinced to burn them instead Sokrates  He attempted to show the truth using a method known as induction, which is an argument through examples o This method was also known as Maieutics  Originates from the word midwifery  Plato, Lakhes, 191a (textbook, 297)  we base our knowledge on Sokrates from dialogues from Plato  He would use dialogue (dialectic) with the pupils, and through this the pupils were able to understand the real truth  He was not paid for his teachings  Goodness (arête) is knowledge  He did not write anything Medicine  They understood disease was due to an imbalance of the body, not an intervention of the gods  Hippokrates did not think one medicine should be put in a separate category (Sacred disease), as no m
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