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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

 It was important to worship the gods according to habits  The main concern was to not weaken the religion of their fathers and to not introduce unwanted innovations  Ancient Greek civilization was a very competitive civilization  Agon= competition  Friends vs. enemies  It was decided that no Greek was allowed to have any lavish funerals that displayed extreme wealth Honour and Shame  People who were honoured received: o Material gifts o Honour or public acclaim o Reciprocated awards  Because the warriors were very brave they received honour in their cities- they received the best wine, etc.  Phoinix tried to persuade Akhilleus to return to the combat by telling him how respected he will be, even if he goes back defeated  Achilles was hit in the foot by an arrow, and because his foot was the only weak part of his body, he died during the war against the Trojans  Aias (Ajax) brought the corpse of Achilles back to the Greek  There was a ballot for Achilles’ armour, but Aias was very angry when the armour was awarded to Oedicious, not him  Because he was under Athena’s spell, he went to go kill a flock of sheep, thinking he was killing the Greeks in revenge  When he realized what he had done he felt tremendous shame, whi
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