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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

 Women were not allowed at Olympic games, even as spectators  They could, however, own chariots that would compete in the chariot races Nemean Games nd th  From 573 BCE every 2 years in summer at the 2 and 4 year of the Olympiad  They were in honour of Zeus  There were also musical contests  Victors were originally honoured with an olive crown  From the Persian wars onwards, this prize was replaced with a crown of wild celery Pythian Games  In honour of Apollo  Were held in Delphi  Since 586 BCE every 4 years for 5 days in the summer at the 3 year of each Olympiad  The musical contests were more important than the athletic ones, as Apollo is the god of music  Originally the winners receive a laurel (was the plant for poets) crown as a prize, but later apples Isthian Games  In honour of Poseidon  From 582 BCE every 2 years in spring at the 1 and 3 year of the Olympiad  There were also musical contests  The prize was originally a crown of pine branches th  In the 5 century BCE this was replaced by a crown of dried celery Periods Year 1 Olympic Games/ Isthmian Games Year 2 Nemean Games Year 3 Isthmian Games/ Pythian Games Year 4 Neamean Games Milon of Kroton and Phayllos of Kroton won a lot of Games; held great honour in their cities Women Athletic Contests Heraia  In honour of Hera; the wife of Zeus  Every 4 years at Olympia  It was only running  The r
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