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October 29, 2012- Illness and Death.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

 Plants were used to cure illnesses  Theophrastos from Eresos wrote Inquiry into Plants which taught people how to use different plants for different symptoms of illness o He also taught how to fake illness with certain plants to avoid work Death  Epitaphioi funeral speeches o The speeches spoke a lot of honour (time) and glory (doxa)  It was important to preserve the memory of the deceased by acknowledging all their good qualities in speeches  When a person died there was “prosthesis”; the dead were dressed, cleansed, and then mourned by close family and friends.  The funeral (Ekphora) consisted of the body being brought to the cemetery or the family tombs when it was dark outside  Funerals were one of the rare occasions women left the house and could socialize with other women  In 400 BCE steles began to appear in graves Athenian democracy and imperialism  Solon: His constitution was based on ownership of property  There was tyranny in Athens, specifically Peisistratos, and Hippias and Hipparkhos  Kleisthenes reorganized the citizenry into new administrative units called phylai (tribes) o Each tribe was composed by a number of demoi (coasta
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