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October 30, 2012- Assembly, Boule.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

 When an individual turned 18, there was mandatory military training  After the training, once they were 20 they could go to the Assembly  When the Assembly gathered, there was an agenda that was followed, one could not simply propose a matter to discuss  Bouletai Councillors  Epistates chairman of the boule  The council originally only had 400 men  To be a councillor you had to be at least 30 years old  30 was an important year in Athens, as it was also the age at which a man became the master of a household, and at which a man would get married  The council met in the Old Bouleuterion  The boule would inspect all public buildings, and if an offence was committed it would be reported to the people, and the jury would decide if they are guilty  The boule would also inspect men who had less then 300 drakhmai’s worth of property and who were unable to work because of an impairment, and would give them 2 obols a day Solon’s property groups Pentakosimedimnoi people who owned land and were able to produce a large amount of grain every year Hippeis among the richest of the city, as they were Calvary men Zeugitai people whose property or estate could produce 200 goods per year Thetes produced less than 200; they included small landowners, farmers, and the poor  Until 458/7 BCE arkhontes were chosen only from the first two property groups th  In the 4 century BCE the lowest groups could hold the charge The 9 arkhontes: Arkhon eponymous Arkhon basil
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