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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Classics  Achilles kills Hektor, and then proceeds to tie his body to his carriage and drag it around.  Priam asks for Hektor’s body back, as it is his son. Odyssey c. 725 BCE 24 Books  Plot: the struggles of the Greek hero Odysseus to return home from Troy and regain his position as King of Ithaca. This occurs after the fall of Troy.  The odyssey speaks of only a few days directly, but covers a wide spread of adventures through flashbacks.  When Odysseus arrives in Troy he killed the suitors that had occupied his palace. These suitors had wanted to marry the Queen, Penelope. They had a contest to see who would get Penelope and the palace, and Odysseus had won. The Homeric World Historical memories  Wealth and power in the hands of regional kings.  There are still not any Greek settlements, as it is still the Mycenean period.  Their swords and spearheads a
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