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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Polytheism  For Greeks there were many gods.  Pantheon= All the gods  Each major god is active in many different spheres. There was a god of the sky, the god of the moon, etc.  Some gods had local associations with places. Some of the gods were especially worshipped in some cities. (Athena God of Athens)  Gods did not tell humans how to govern or behave; all they wanted was human acknowledgment. It was important for them to have the order of the world maintained.  Gods wanted to be respected and worshipped.  Anything unusual or anomalous could be due to the intervention of a divinity.  Myths were not revealed scriptures or the truth. They could have multiple versions and interpretations.  There was no Holy Book and no centralized religious authority.  There were both male and female priests; as there were both female and male gods/ goddesses.  There were common beliefs, but different traditions of worshipping related to the region the worshipping would take place.  Greek gods have a lot of human characteristics, and were given the aspect of human beings.  Gods can be good or evil, and support the heroes they do like but intervene with the heroes they do not like.  They like to intervene in human life.  Herodotus was considered the father of historians.  Muthos= myth/ allegory/ story.  Myths recount what gods did, and help the Greeks understand the most important life values.  The sons of Gaia and Ouranos were called Titans; the daughters Titanides.  Know the names: Gaia (Earth) , Ouramos (Sky) , Rhea, Kronos (Time), Titans and Titanides. 
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