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September 18, 2012- Human Contact with Gods.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Human Contact with Gods  Dreams  Oracles  Divination  Magic and Curses Dreams  Spontaneous dreams or god- sent dreams (true or deceitful)  Peisistratos woke up remembering a dream he had experienced in which he had been in bed with his mother.  He interpreted this to mean that he would return to Athens to recover the power he had lost and he would die of old age in his own country.  He guided the Persians in an expedition against the Greeks, to Marathon.  During this he started to have a violent fit of sneezing and coughing, which resulted in him losing his tooth.  When he could not find his tooth he realized that the land was not his and he would not be able to subdue it. He realized his tooth was the only share he ever had it in, which was the actual meaning of the dream.  Dreams in sanctuaries o Divine guidance if one did not know how to deal with an issue, they would ask the god to send a dream with advice. They were to follow the advice even if they did not agree with it. th o Healing dreams Asklepios cult was introduced in the late 5 century. Asklepios was the god of healing.  Inscriptions from the sanctuary of Asklepios were thought by some to be faked to convince people to come to the sanctuary.  Amphiaroes= another god of healing Oracles  Didn’t foretell future but gave advice.  A sanctuary where ad
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