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September 25, 2012- Temples, Festivals and Cults.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Temples, Festivals and Cults  Athene Polias (the goddess of the city)  Polis= city  Generally all temples are directed towards the east, as this is where the sun rises  Most civic and sacred functions were under the patronage of the gods o Boule (council of the city of Athens)  Zeus Boulaios  Artemis Boulaia o Agora  Zeus Agoraios  Hermes Agoraios  Apollon Patroios had a temple dedicated to him, as he protected the ancestors  Phratria (pl. Phratriai) o Zeus Phratrios o Athene Phratria  Religion was a very important matter in the lives of the Greeks  Some months were named after the most important festivals that occurred within the specific month. Festivals Panathenaia  Most important festival for the city of Athens; everybody was allowed to attend and participate in the festival  Great Panathenaia o Every 4 years from 566 BCE at the initiative of Peisistratos  Lesser Panathenaia o Every year  Occurred on Hekatombaion 28  Birthday of Athene  Athene was the daughter of Metis (goddess of wisdom and skill) and Zeus  Zeus was advised that any offspring he would have with Metis would be more powerful than him, so he decided to swallow Metis, but she had already conceived a child.  One day Zeus had a headache because Athene was ready to be born. Athene came out of the head of Zeus and she was born fully armoured.
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