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September 27, 2012- Anthesteria.docx

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Classical Studies
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Christina Zaccagnino

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Anthesteria (Flower Festival)  Each day gets its name from a different type of vase  In honour of Dionysos  Month Anthesterion (January- Festival)  Wine was very important for the culture, but consuming too much wine resulted in bad behaviour  Dianysos was also the god of frenzy  First day Pithoigia (jar opening)  Second day Khoes (wine jugs)  Third day Khutrai (pots) Second day Khoes  The “holy marriage” of Dionysos and the wife of the archon basileus (king archon)  There were drinking contests; only men as women were not allowed to drink  Slaves were allowed at this festival too; were allowed to drink with their masters  Children got their first sip of wine wish for them to reach adulthood Third day khutrai  “Get out keres (evil demons), the Anthesteria is over” declared the end of the festival Elusinian Mysteries  Very secretive, we only have certain hints and clues of what went on  Demeter is one of the Olympian goddesses (of agriculture) and the sister of Zeus. o She had a daughter with Zeus named Persephone  Hades was the god of the underworld and he wanted to marry Persephone o Zeus wanted to make Hades happy so he didn’t ban this, but knew the marriage wouldn’t be favourable. o One day Hades abducted Persephone, and Persephone, not being happy about this, started to cry and Demeter started searching for her daughter o Demeter started not to eat anymore, putting famine in the world. o Zeus knew if this was to continue for a long time human beings would become extinct. He attempted to convince Demeter to give the gift of agriculture back to humans. o Demester refused to do this until s
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