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Classical Studies
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Christina Zaccagnino

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Purification  Agamemnon killed daughter through human sacrifice  Wife of Agamemnon and lover kills her husband, Agamemnon  Orestes avenges his father’s death by killing both murderers  Needed purification (used blood of animal in process) by Apollo/erinys/athena at Delphi  This prevented “miasma”  Katharma= the purified place  Exegetai= official ministers of Apollo o In charge of carrying out processes and were occasionally sent to Delphi to seek further advice if needed Prayers  Address god at first, establish purpose of prayer, explain the their respect for the god and a request  Hands were raised towards sky if praying to Olympian gods  Hands placed towards ground if praying to underworld gods Supplication  Zeus Hikesios (protector)  Strangers non citizens = no rights  Need some sort of protection  Theramenes was taken off the citizens list by Kritias and even when he touched the alter(created a protection) the 30 tyrants still killed him due to lack of care for rules  Begging required for touching of knees  Ex( Odysseus supplicates Alkinoos(daughter of Athene) by not grasping knees because he is naked  Temenos(literally cut off)= sanctuary  Naos=temple  Communities made the decision to build temples  Temples usually face east
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