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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 6 Lecture Notes CLST 101 2012 Athens’ Population - Men - Women - Children - Metics - Slaves - Freed Slaves Citizens’ Obligations - Men between 18-39 could serve army/fleet almost every year - Men 18-20 had mandatory military training - Male citizens aged 20+ participated in the ekklesia (assembly) every 10 days - 6000 males per year served as jurors in popular courts *Athenians considered themselves autochthonus – descendents of Ion, son of Apollo and the Athenian Queen Kreousa *In 451 BCE, Perikles’ Citizenship law decreed only men with both Athenian parents qualified for citizenship Oikos- Household - Kurios – Male master - Kureia – Protection tutelage (kinship, slaves) - All property and possessions were part of the oikos, even in other city-states - Epikleros – heiress - Kleros – property Marriage - Marriage was for procreation, legitimate children - Private act, only familes and kuros – no priests - Eggue – betrothal - Bride was always given with gifts, but rules about gifts could vary - Bride was generally 13, 14 – after period
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