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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 7 Notes CLST 101 2012 Education - Children learned at home, or went to school / hired masters if rich - Grammatistes – elementary teacher - Grammata – letters of the alphabet - Studied great poets and philosophers – memorized passages - Wrote on wax tablets - Paidotribes – sport trainer - Gymasion (plural: gymnasia) – gymnastic school - Palaistra (plural: palaistrai) – wrestling school Sophistes (Sage/wise men) th - Spelled sophist by the end of the 5 century BCE - Professors of higher education - Not a school or single movement - Writings lost - Taught arête – goodness/ excellence th th - Sohpists: - Protagoras from Abdera (flourished 5 century BCE), Hippias from Elis (fl 5 century BCE), Gorgias from Leontini (483-375 BC) – Praise of Helen - Word “sophist” eventually had negative associations because of infamy Socrates - Charged with impiety (introduced new gods), corruption of young men - Put to death by drinking hemlock (poison) in 399 BCE - No written work, but we know about him through works of Xenophon, Plato, Aristophanes, Aristotle Plato - Founded philosophical school around 387 BCE - Called the Academy (from the garden of Akademos/Hekademos) Aristophanes - Wrote Clouds in 423 BCE Plot: - Strepsiades wants to escape from his debts
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