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Lecture 3

CLST; Week 1 Lecture 3 Plebes, Patricians, Roman Conquest Italy.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 1 Lecture 3 Patricians: only by birth, originates from the monarchy, according to the tradition a creation of Romulus (created at the very beginning of monarchy), monopolization of ALL important priesthoods  avoided intermarriages, could only marry Patricians  in Ancient world, religious and political power were similar Plebeians: may be the name related to the Greek word for masses  during the early Republic excluded from religious colleges, magistracies, and senate,  a major tactic in crises was secession en masse from Rome  it was only in the 2nd century BC, had both councils from Plebeian families  weren't generally poor people, there were rich plebeians  distinction between aristocracy and those not  wanted rights to be protected, wished to gain same rights patricians had, and were required to fight for those rights, periods of crises in Rome, used secession en masse in Rome, all the Plebeians grouped together to form secession Conquests: textbook is far more detailed, first lessons should be focused on slides  Monarchy > The Republic > Empire The Roman Conquest of Italy (509-264 BCE)  264 BCE considered date of conquest of Italy  Romans spoke Latin, language varied throughout empire  Estracans spoke quite a different language, there were also Greeks  Ager Romanus - Ager Publicus: territory which could be used for land distribution  more land meant creation of colonies, and the people in these colonies were given the status of "Latins", so they were required to serve in the army  colonia = colony, were bound by alliance and has status of "Latins"  Ciuitas sine suffragio = citizen without the right to vote, but were given other rights  still a great control over political power of the Roman empire  municipium = free-city; there were some privileges offered  during the empire, they did not ask f
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