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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

March 22, 2012 Relationships and Roman Life: how they dealt with others who didn't share the same beliefs  City vs Countryside: over-refinement versus real virtue, otium versus negotium: can explain how they lived with 2 diff ways  Greater opportunity to meet individuals within city of Rome, become more accepting, but was over-refined, focused on different values  Country side: could enjoy nature, leisure  City: huge number of people, was quite easy to find persons who didn't behave in proper way  Frequently dealing with thieves in the city, dangerous to walk in certain parts of city at night  Vergil, patron of Poets  More sleeping in country side, silence not offered in Rome, more time for themselves Italy and humanitas: believed that Rome and Italy were the origin of human values Conquest of Britain mid-1st century BCE  Started conquering territory far from Rome, started to encounter people of diff cultures, opinions  Real concern: some cults could break public order  Jews and Christians, didn't worship emperor, lack of respect to Rome  Druids: they preformed human sacrifice, also noticed in their cult a kind of frenzy that was a concern, thinking about public order, how frenzy could spread in territory. As Tacitus tells us here, generals of Roman soldiers didn't like this sort of behaviour  Province of Gallia Transalpina: did not respect foreigners, used the fact that they were foreign against them, abuse of power, but this passage is defending the governor! Woah, jerkface much  Tried to avoid that people from diff areas cou
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