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CLST; March 5, 2012 Territories of Rome, Cult of Bacchus.docx

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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Monday March 5 Territories of Rome: mobility of gods/deities and religion. Rome was a sacred capital of the world, because all gods worshipped in empire were certainly worshipped in Rome  Most of the people were concentrated in Rome, place where it was easier to find different cults/gods/buildings.  Cybele: known in Rome as Magna Mater, the great mother. Sibylline Books, collection of oracular Mithra: roman relief. Worshipped in eastern part of the empire, modern Iran, was mystery cult for him.  Worshipped by men exclusively, especially members of the army. Cult related to re-birth, fertility  Idea from darkness to light, rites/sacrifices? preformed in Mithraeum under the church  No windows, don't have any idea what happens during these cults and what not - many important figures came from Eygpt Isis: Egyptian goddess, mystery cult, quite common during end of Republic to Roman Empire: during the reign of Augustus. Wasn't so hot about it since it was the cult of his enemy, Cleopatra, last pharaoh of Egypt and Mark Antony  Augustus didn't want for this cult to be successful in Rome and the empire but later we can see a lot of temples dedicated to Isis not just in Rome but in other cities in Italy as well  Linen white l ong dress, with knot on the chest, cult? Serapis: Always represented bearded with some silly hat looking thing Cult of Dionysos/Bacchus: Bacchanalia: Festival in honour of Bacchus  Romans didn't have an idea to provide people to worship their gods, what was important Romans was to control through the worshipping/avoid through the worshipping eventual cases of groups who gathering together could be a danger for the state itself  Everyone cou
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