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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Literature…?  Cicero's Letters to Atticus, talking about geography, it's dry?  Imitatio: imitation, uaratio: variation, style appropriate for work that is being dealt with, Primary elements  Secondary elements (commonplaces, or topoi: lit. places)  Imitation by itself isn't enough, content with what has already been discovered by others  History important because it had chance for events of past to be useful for new generations, to learn from past mistakes, analysis, blah blah blah  Hellenistic poets: Alexandrians  Doctrina: learning  In poems, made references to specific myths or specific persons/regions of the world  Novi Poetae: new poets  Neoteroi: younger men, name given by Cicero  Parthenius from Nicaea, Prisoner of war Catullus from Verona Italy, especially known for his love poems to Lesbia, who was Clodia, wife of Metellus, consul in 60 BCE, first example of poetry addressed to a single woman  Content vs themes, structures or meanings Po
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