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Classical Studies
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Christina Zaccagnino

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CLST Thurs. Sept 28,2011 Anthesteria (Flower Festival)  In honor of Dionysos (met him, God of Wine)  Month Anthesterion (Jan-Feb) Held at end of Feb, already spring in Greece  Diluted wine w/ water  “drunken frenzy in alcoholic environments” – in drunken frenzy, Dionysos dancing and tearing apart a wild animal  Lasted 3 days: 1 Pithogia (jar opening) – 2 Khoes (wine jar) Khutrai (Pots)  1 day: mild drinking Day 2: Khoes  2 day: the “holy marriage” of Dionysos and wife of archon basileus (king arkhon), ship chariot, escorted into city Dionysus  King Arkhon in charge of religious matters  People started drinking a lot on 2 day, parties, “drinking contests”  First drink of wine as a 3 yr old kid; rite of passage. Mortality of children high, first year was the first challenge, then from 1-3, no vaccinations, etc.  Few representations of potentially drunk girls (women weren‟t allowed to have wine) Day 3: Khutrai  Boiled veggies, offered them to the dead  Idea that on 3 day, the dead would roam the city, offerings  „Get out keres (evil demons), the Anthesteria is over!”  Another curious rite, written sources not too clear- occurred either 2 /3 day.  Images of kids/young girls on swings, game day idea. Underworld going up, upperworld going down. Passage, one state to another state, not sure which day preformed. Swinging ritual  Festival v. different from the festival mentioned prior class  Masters and slaves drunk together, everyday life “didn‟t happen”  Also idea of not having any control- drunken frenzy  Festival of beginning of the year, spring, after winter, period during which aren‟t crops, crap weather, not many activities. It is the beginning of life. Rite of passage happens in this season because of the transition Eleusinian Mysteries
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