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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Mon. Oct 24, 2011 Prostitution in Ancient Greece - Socrates asking a prostitute how she was able to get so much money - a way to explain her richness "contributions of kind friends..." p. 165 - came from other places of Greek world, foreigners Homosexual Relations Erastes = old admirer / lover - had to be no older than 40 Eromenos = beloved - young boy, had to be less than 20 - important for there tobe consent of parents - father - had to persons of the same class, wasn't considered appropriate for young boy and slave - consider that a man just had intercourse with only other men were abused by other men - considered a shame for them - was considered important for a period of education of young boys - Mythical Homosexual Relationships: Achilles and Patroklos - Mythical Tale: Zeus and Ganymedes - handsome Trojan prince, Zeus adubted him, carried him to Olympus, became ____ of gods - end of 6th cent BCE, start having less images of homosexuality, can think that from that period, started to practice homosexuality less, this sort of relationship - place where men met these young boys, was in gyms. they appreciated site of young boys - p. 168 Plato - wise love-matters as Kydias - athletic success and sexual attraction, both on same vase - wasn’t considered a problem, there were rules to follow - they were mostly warriors, they used homosexuality in order to stay together in wars, save and avenge lover, anger of Achilles when Patroklos killed - women were only for procreation, main reason of marriage, to have heirs, have also seen women and men live in different spaces in the household, different duties in everyday life - Zeus did the same thing as humans by abducting Gyanmedes - Alkibiades and Socrates p. 169: read passage! - sumposion of Plato, also recount about Alkibiades and Socrates - reversal - it was Alkibiades attracted by Socrates, pupil of Socrates. On evening, he invited philosopher to dinner at his place. At beginning, Socrates didn’t want to go, but Alkibiades insisted. Talked all night, when time to come back home, boy insisted, telling Socrates that it’s too late, for him to stay the night. During the night, he tried to seduce Socrates, but failed. Education - also have to consider the education of young boys - first concept keep in mind: education was private matter, state didn’t take care of education, at least in Athens. Different in Sparta - typically the boys received education, girls did too, but different than that of the boys - education done in houses, some cases, also schools - age started to learn how to write and read and maths around 7 - if family was very rich, could start education before - private teachers, though very important job, very little pay, important because of democracy, because they had to serve in many duties,
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