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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 16 Lec 1 Jan 28 February-05-13 8:09 PM  Augustus o Carried out the supervision of laws and morals o Held power of tribune (tribunicia potestas) o Family important to him o Acted against family's that were childless o Adultery became public crime o Potesta indicate the power of tribunes with out iperium  Only after Julius caesar imperium romanum began to mean roman empire  Roman citizens assembled and voted both for elections and for passing laws  Only magistrates with imperium had right to deal with people  Rogatio=asking  When talking with people the fasics had to be put down  In Rome three assemblies o Comitia centurata o Comitia tributa o Concilium plebis  Until 113 BCE votes cast aloud after that date votes cast as a secret ballot  Comitia Centuriata o Set up by Servus Tullus (6th C. BCE- Monarchy o It originated by a meeting of the army o People divided in the centuria (100 men) o 1st 18 made of calvary men o o All memberts if centuriae had to reach a decission (Y/N)  Once major
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