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Classical Studies
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CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

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Week 14 Lec 1 Jan 14 January-31-13 6:08 PM  Social wars, wars fought against allies to get citizenship  Citizens allowed 100 to be official  New men, not from Rome but granted citizen  Lucius Cornilius Sulla o 1st equestrian monument dedicated to a man alive in Rome  Proclaimed a public enemy of the state o Because enemy of Rome marched on her o Later made possible to allotments of land to his veterans o Was able to be proclaimed a dictator o Retired and then died after a short time  Pompey joined sulla o Inspired by alexander the great o 18/80 BCE victories in N. Africa o 71 BCE victories in Spain o 61 BCE victory over pirates in Mediterranean o 62 BCE defeats Mithradates all triumphs received  The 1st Triumvirate o Pompey o Julius Caesar o Crassus  Crassus, lots of money, lots of political advisories  Pompey and Caesar more ambitious  Pompey granted 5 year power in Spain and the opportunity for sole consul  Caesar asked for both him [Crassus?] and Pompey to give up provinces -no go  Deadline or he would be declared a public enemy  49 BCE Caesar marches on Rome and crosses the river Rubicon, started civil war  Caesar with his army more powerful then Pompey  Pompey fled to Greece and Caesar followed, battle fought in Greece in which Pompey escaped and fled to Egypt where he was murdered  Kleopatra VII had a son with Caesar, important because he had a childless marriage o
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