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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 15 Lec 1 Jan 21 February-04-13 12:33 PM  Quaestors o The man who asks questions, investigator o Assistants of the consul o They took charge of the state treasury- most important duty o Dararium located in the base of the temple of Saturn in the forum o Quastors urbani=served the city o One questor accompined each holder of imperium to his oversea province o From the time of Sulla 20 quaestors  Saturn's not whorsipped just by romans, god of agriculture  Festival if Saturn for one day, switch of roles  Tribune of Plebs o Created in 44 BCE after the succession to the sacred mount or the Avantine Hill o No patricains: see publius clodius pulcher o Sacrosantitas o No attendats o Presided over the concilium plebis (assembly of the pleb) and presented bills to it o No one could attack them and if they did they could be charged with no trial o Assist any plebeian seized by a magistrate o No legal power until 287 BCE ( lex Hortensia)all decress of consul of pleb applied to all the people of Rome o Had the power to veto on any magistrate or senetorial proposal before any two other assemblies o In 63 BCE Cicero is consul and threatens a tribune o Titus Labienus moves charge against the man who was consul 30 years prior, cicero takes defence of old consul but message is clear, charges eventually drops  Aediles o Elected by the concilium plebs o Original function to supervise the common temples and cults of plebs o Most important cults wer
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