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February 4, 2013- Soldiers.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 The swords used originated from Spain  During the Empire there was the use of a longer sword  Soldiers now wore trousers, and the shield had the Greek letters for Christ  The helmet was now made by joining two halves, as they were less expensive, but they were not as protective  The standard-bearers always had an eagle on the standard and a hand as well as a military flag  The standard-bearers had the skin of an animal on their helmet, with the paws going on their shoulders  Stabbing was the way to kill the enemy, not slashing  Romans used the Testudo (tortoise) formation to attack a city o It protects the soldiers because they have their shields protecting their chests and heads  The saddle of the cavalrymen was four-horned  Marching-camps were essential for the soldiers to stop and rest  If enemies from the outside tried to throw missiles into the camps, all of the tents were far enough to not get hit  The legion carried all things that were considered necessary for every king of warfare, so that wherever it builds its camp, it builds an armed city  They also built fortresses which were like small cities as inside there was eve
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